The 1619 Project

(Photo courtesy of the Department of Historic Resources, 1994)

Yes, last Tuesday (August 20, 2019) was the 400th anniversary of the ENGLISH account of the first supposed African slaves in this nation (formerly the Thirteen Colonies) 400 years ago, so hence the 1619 Project.

African people (free and those who BECAME enslaved) were ALREADY in the Western Hemisphere (the Caribbean and the Americas) WAY BEFORE Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colon) and Jamestown.

Read, learn, research, and teach ALL, ALL, and ALL of OUR story.

This is NOT negating African-Americans (aka Black Americans) at all and I say this as an African-American and a PROUD one at that.

The special commemorative issue of the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE featuring the 1619 Project – to commemorate 400 years of African-American life, culture, history, and society with the appearance of 20 African PEOPLE who became enslaved – either indentured or lifelong.

I argue they were recorded under ENGLISH historiography and therefore dismisses earlier histories prior to 1619 of African women, men, and children in the Western Hemisphere – the Americas and the Caribbean as free and enslaved people.

African-American lives began in AFRICA and slavery/enslavement was an interruption in the timeline of humanity. Slavery/Enslavement was and is NOT the origin of African-America or Black America. It is part of the story.

Did yall know that Sir John Rolfe, the husband of Pocahontas (later Anglicanized into Rebecca Rolfe), was the first one to record the so-called first 20 African enslaved people as “Negars” (later popularized as niggers, niggas, niggahs, nuccas, niccas, etc.) in August 1619?

The next time you allow your daughters to watch the sanitized Walt Disney version of the POCAHONTAS story, just know that her husband, Sir John Rolfe (NOT Captain John Smith), was a slave trader and slaveholder.

For more information, please feel free to purchase these books and magazines from Amazon by pressing onto the images.

It’s A Donald Thing

Donald Peebles

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

1:26 AM

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